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Jimmy Stewart – Hollywood Golden Years

Jimmy StewartJames Stewart is perhaps one of Hollywood’s most famous actors from the Golden Years of movies. Born James Maitland Stewart, Jimmy was born on May 20, 1908, to Alexander Maitland Stewart and Elizabeth Ruth Jackson in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He had two younger sisters, Virginia and Mary. Their father, Alexander, had owned a hardware store, encouraging young Jimmy to take on the business. His mother, Elizabeth, was a talented pianist, and although Jimmy had taken an interest, he learned to play accordion instead, a gift from a friend. One hobby young Jimmy had was building model airplanes, since aviation was a passion of his and would be one of the defining characteristics of him.

He began his acting career in acting in 1932, appearing on Broadway. His first movie was in 1934, called ‘Art Trouble.’ Throughout the 1930’s Jimmy performed for MGM in a variety of movies. In 1935, following his desire for aviation, learned to

Updating the James Bond Movie Legacy

James Bond MoviesPerhaps one of Britain’s most famous actors, Daniel Craig has been in a multitude of movies and plays throughout most of his life. It could even be said that he was born to be an actor, performing in plays since the age of six. Although initially having a difficult career during his teen years, in the 1990’s his break came through, acting in his first motion pictures. In more recent years, starting in 2006, he took the role as the current James Bond from Pierce Brosnan, and has been hugely successful in this role to this day, starring in Spectre which came out in 2015. He also received an uncredited role as Stormtrooper JB-007 in the newest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

He was born Daniel Wroughton Craig on March 2, 1968, in Chester, Cheshire, England. His mother, Carol Olivia, was an art teacher and his father, Timothy John Wroughton Craig, was a landlord for a chain of pubs. Daniel’s parents divorced when he was four years old, in 1972, and he and his older sister, Lea, lived with their mother in Liverpool. It was there where Daniel would obtain the desire for performing, when his mother would regularly take him to the Liverpool Everyman Theatre. At the age of six, he began acting in school plays, and by the age of 16 he finished school and moved to London and enrolled into the National Youth Theatre, also working as a waiter part-time to help finance his education. Afterwards, he enrolled into the Guildhall School of Music and Drama; he graduated in 1991.

Daniel’s first motion picture movie in which he was featured in was The Power of One, a movie set in South Africa during the Second