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Rod Serling

The Twilight ZoneRod Serling was known as one of America’s pioneering television screenwriters, producers and narrators of the 1950’s, especially in the famous television series The Twilight Zone. Since Serling was a young child, he had shown an exclusive interest in the entertainment field, even writing some original works. However, as the United States involved itself in the Second World War, he decided he would enlist into the Army and help the cause, as he viewed that being more important than his hobbies. After his unit was transitioned to Leyte Island in the Philippines in 1944, he would witness nothing but death, shaping his writing for the rest of his life. In Hollywood he was also known as the ‘angry young man,’ constantly confronting various executives over the issues more relevant to the day, such as warfare, racism and censorship.

Rodman Edward SerlingRod Serling Movie Producer was born to a Jewish family Syracuse, New York, on December 25, 1924. His parents were Esther Cooper and Samuel Lawrence Serling, and one older brother, Robert. After moving to Binghamton 70 miles south of Syracuse in 1926, Rod’s parents saw his talent potential, and encouraged him to become a performer. In fact, his Sam Serling had created a stage in the basement of their home, and Rod would put on various plays, sometimes with the neighbors’ children as well. In school, Serling was viewed as the class clown, and most of his teachers left him alone, believing he

Movies and Drug Use

Movie Star Drug UseSince the beginning of movies many actors and actresses have succumbed to drug use. It is not unusual on a yearly basis to hear of one of our favorite movie stars to either be arrested for drug possession or to even overdose and die from drugs.

There is a long list of actors and actresses in the recent past who have died from drugs. Some of the more prominent ones include Anna Nicole Smith, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many others.

Many others would include Nick Adams who was an actor and there is a long list of musicians who both played music and acted or were seen in movies.

The following is meant to help someone who may be having problems with drug addiction to fast forward in to see what may happen in their life if they don’t get a hold of the situation now and we really heard anybody whether famous or not to take action today to avoid the outcome that could happen.

It was Dimitri’s first day of high school. Little did he know that before the day was out, he would become another victim of heroin. Heroin, a drug synthesized from natural morphine, is one of the most common drugs in America. It is also a drug of variety, with many different ‘types’ of heroin, depending on the geographical region in which the heroin is ‘grown.’ To make matters worse, Heroin could be injected into the human body in a multitude of different ways. Dimitri has entered the dangerous realm of Heroin addiction.

Heroin is actually quite an old drug. In 1874, British chemist C.R. Alder Wright was the first man to synthesize the drug, being more than four times as powerful as typical morphine. Heroin, like morphine, is made from poppy seeds, and is synthesized as heroin. ‘The drug’, however, didn’t