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Theater Power Macho Trio – Burt, James and John

Burt Lancaster


James ArnessJohn Wayne






John Wayne

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison, in Winterset, Iowa, on May 26, 1907. Shortly after his birth, his parents changed his middle name to Robert, as they had decided to name their next child the same name. His father was Clyde Leonard Wayne, son of a Civil War veteran, whom John Wayne was named in honor of; John’s mother was Mary Alberta Brown, native to Nebraska. John’s father had developed a lung condition, and for his sake, moved south to California, to take up ranching. When that failed, the Morrison family moved over to Glendale, California. There, young John would deliver medicine to his sick father, and was a paperboy. Initially, John was interested in football, and did well in the field whilst in school. However, after attaining an injury, he was unable to gain a football scholarship. It was after this when he turned to acting, in which he would star in more than 140 motion pictures, and participate in a total of over 250.

One can get away with saying that, even from birth, John Wayne has made a dramatic appearance; the local newspaper in Winterset remarked that he weighed 13 pounds at birth. He appeared in his first motion picture in 1929 (still recognized with the Morrison surname), Words and Music. After appearing in his first starring role, The Big Trail, in 1930, it was suggested that he change his name to Anthony Wayne, after a general from the Revolutionary War, but Fox Studios chief Winfield Sheenan did not agree with the name, and John Wayne was chosen in the end. John Wayne played a total of 80 low-budget westerns in the 1930’s, but his claim to fame occurred in 1939 with the movie Stagecoach. After this, John Wayne’s name was no-doubt well known. In the 1940’s he appeared in a radio program, known as The Three Sheets to the Wind. In 1948, John appeared in another classic Western, Wake of the Red Witch. In 1950, however, he lost out to Gregory Peck in the movie The Gunfighter, due to complications with the studio. In 1960, he appeared in one of his most famous movies, The Alamo, in which he produced, directed and starred in. After making a name for himself, he met with President Nixon in 1972.

John Wayne was also well-known for his

Tow Truck Movie Characters

Tow Mater Tow TruckGoing to the movies in seeing things on the big screen is always a highlight for most people. But it always seems like when you’re trying to get to the theater there’s either a lot of red lights or some type of the way so that you’re racing the clock trying to get to the movies. There’s so many great movies out there to be seen with some spectacular characters whether it’s an action movie or the computer generated graphic movie which are so common today.


There’s been some very interesting characters in the movies related to different types of cars or trucks. One of the more recent ones is Tow Mater , a lovable character playing the part of a tow truck. He is a little bit rusty and broken down but this tow service vehicle is still capable. It’s kind of funny to bring up a tow truck with respect to a movie outing but here’s the story.


Just like usual we’re running late trying to make the theater in Chandler AZ before the movie starts. And just like usual there is some type of a delay on the road. And what was this delay, a big wreck that’s going to require a lot of time to clean it up and multiple different tow trucks doing their service in moving the damaged vehicles. Well there were no 1951 International Harvester tow trucks involved in this particular job and no Sir Tow Mater was not around doing this work. Now of course the tow trucks needed to backup to pick up the stranded vehicles and they would all like to claim to be the world’s best backwards driver but on this particular day it seemed like they were going to take forever to toe all the cars and let traffic move on.


So we kept waiting looking for that opportunity to move forward with everybody else stranded in traffic well these companies took care to clear all of the stranded cars. Talk about needing roadside assistance! This was one of the biggest congestion I had ever seen on any given day.


So all of these tow truck drivers needed to show how to drive backwards without crashing and that’s something that was seen often in the movie Cars. We really wished on that day that there would have been a whole lot of tow trucks available to tow stranded vehicles so that we could make the movie. But no there wasn’t enough to do it quickly and we ended up being late. And of course when we got to the theater the Lions were popcorn and coke or five times longer than usual and we know how long those lines usually take, we are some of the slowest moving lines in the history of mankind except for maybe going to the motor vehicle department and waiting to get your

Gregory Peck Classy Movie Screen Persona

Gregory Peck was one of the most popular actors in the mid-twentieth century, and was also heavily involved with Liberalist movements, even marching with Martin Luther King Jr. He received plenty of awards for his humanitarian efforts, including a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1969. Known for his tall, imposing stature, Gregory was born Eldred Gregory Peck, a name he hated, and later went by just his middle name, Gregory. He was born on April 5, 1916, in San Diego, California, coming from Irish and a combination of English and German ancestry. He lived to be 87, breathing his last breath on June 12, 2003, due to cardiorespiratory arrest along with pneumonia.

Gregory, as he became known, was born in San Diego, at the time called as La Jolla, to Gregory Pearl Peck and Bernice Mary Ayres. It was his mother, Bernice (known as ‘Bunny’) who had decided to name their son Eldred, as she thought it was unique and brought out the uniqueness in her son. When Eldred Gregory was around five years of age, his parents divorced, and lived with his maternal grandmother. His most fond memories of his childhood were his grandmother taking him to the movies when he was at a young age. This may have been Gregory’s inspiration as a life-long actor.

Having grown up in a time when there were many trucks in the neighborhood he was no stranger to seeing them pass by on a daily basis. It wasn’t uncommon to see a wreck in the need for a wrecker service there. One time there was a huge wreck which required three different tow trucks to be there to remove the disabled vehicles.

Being involved with the movies meant that he was around a lot of heavy equipment that needed to be moved on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for the big movie sets to require a lot of care and maintenance and tow trucks are commonly used to move things around that are big and heavy. They are well suited to this type of activity and not only do they tow cars and trucks but they to other things such as trailers and even sheds and things like that.

Many of the big movie theaters required extensive construction projects to have them completed. Large equipment would often be needed to haul the necessary materials to construct these screens and movie theaters.

Gregory attended University of California, Berkley, and this is where he was

Fred & Adele Astaire

With an entertainment career beginning since the time they could walk, it is safe to say Fred & Adele Fred and Adele AstairAstaire were born to be an entertainer. Adele was born in 1896, and had taken an interest in entertainment at a young age like Fred, born in 1899, had.  Fred was born Frederick Austerlitz to German ancestry on May 10, 1899, in Omaha, Nebraska. Their father, Frederic Austerlitz, was born in Austria to Jewish parents, and moved to the United States in 1892. Their mother, Johanna, was born in the United States to German immigrants, who were from East Prussia.

In 1905, the Austerlitz family moved to

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly Screen Star DancerKnown for his leading role in the 1952 classic ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ Gene Kelly was one of the most influential of MGM’s musical actors. He was born Eugene Curran Kelly on August 23, 1912, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He was the third son born from James Patrick Joseph Kelly, whom was a phonograph salesman. Gene is primarily of Irish descent, from both his father and mother’s side, and is roughly one quarter German, from his maternal grandmother. Besides dancing, Gene loved baseball, and was quite a gifted sportsman as well.

His dancing career can be traced back to when he was just eight years old, when his mother enlisted him and his older brother, James, into dancing classes. Initially, both Gene and James hated it, Gene later making mention that he and James would often get into

Jimmy Stewart – Hollywood Golden Years

Jimmy StewartJames Stewart is perhaps one of Hollywood’s most famous actors from the Golden Years of movies. Born James Maitland Stewart, Jimmy was born on May 20, 1908, to Alexander Maitland Stewart and Elizabeth Ruth Jackson in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He had two younger sisters, Virginia and Mary. Their father, Alexander, had owned a hardware store, encouraging young Jimmy to take on the business. His mother, Elizabeth, was a talented pianist, and although Jimmy had taken an interest, he learned to play accordion instead, a gift from a friend. One hobby young Jimmy had was building model airplanes, since aviation was a passion of his and would be one of the defining characteristics of him.

He began his acting career in acting in 1932, appearing on Broadway. His first movie was in 1934, called ‘Art Trouble.’ Throughout the 1930’s Jimmy performed for MGM in a variety of movies. In 1935, following his desire for aviation, learned to

Rod Serling

The Twilight ZoneRod Serling was known as one of America’s pioneering television screenwriters, producers and narrators of the 1950’s, especially in the famous television series The Twilight Zone. Since Serling was a young child, he had shown an exclusive interest in the entertainment field, even writing some original works. However, as the United States involved itself in the Second World War, he decided he would enlist into the Army and help the cause, as he viewed that being more important than his hobbies. After his unit was transitioned to Leyte Island in the Philippines in 1944, he would witness nothing but death, shaping his writing for the rest of his life. In Hollywood he was also known as the ‘angry young man,’ constantly confronting various executives over the issues more relevant to the day, such as warfare, racism and censorship.

Rodman Edward SerlingRod Serling Movie Producer was born to a Jewish family Syracuse, New York, on December 25, 1924. His parents were Esther Cooper and Samuel Lawrence Serling, and one older brother, Robert. After moving to Binghamton 70 miles south of Syracuse in 1926, Rod’s parents saw his talent potential, and encouraged him to become a performer. In fact, his Sam Serling had created a stage in the basement of their home, and Rod would put on various plays, sometimes with the neighbors’ children as well. In school, Serling was viewed as the class clown, and most of his teachers left him alone, believing he

Movies and Drug Use

Movie Star Drug UseSince the beginning of movies many actors and actresses have succumbed to drug use. It is not unusual on a yearly basis to hear of one of our favorite movie stars to either be arrested for drug possession or to even overdose and die from drugs.

There is a long list of actors and actresses in the recent past who have died from drugs. Some of the more prominent ones include Anna Nicole Smith, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many others.

Many others would include Nick Adams who was an actor and there is a long list of musicians who both played music and acted or were seen in movies.

The following is meant to help someone who may be having problems with drug addiction to fast forward in to see what may happen in their life if they don’t get a hold of the situation now and we really heard anybody whether famous or not to take action today to avoid the outcome that could happen.

It was Dimitri’s first day of high school. Little did he know that before the day was out, he would become another victim of heroin. Heroin, a drug synthesized from natural morphine, is one of the most common drugs in America. It is also a drug of variety, with many different ‘types’ of heroin, depending on the geographical region in which the heroin is ‘grown.’ To make matters worse, Heroin could be injected into the human body in a multitude of different ways. Dimitri has entered the dangerous realm of Heroin addiction.

Heroin is actually quite an old drug. In 1874, British chemist C.R. Alder Wright was the first man to synthesize the drug, being more than four times as powerful as typical morphine. Heroin, like morphine, is made from poppy seeds, and is synthesized as heroin. ‘The drug’, however, didn’t

Updating the James Bond Movie Legacy

James Bond MoviesPerhaps one of Britain’s most famous actors, Daniel Craig has been in a multitude of movies and plays throughout most of his life. It could even be said that he was born to be an actor, performing in plays since the age of six. Although initially having a difficult career during his teen years, in the 1990’s his break came through, acting in his first motion pictures. In more recent years, starting in 2006, he took the role as the current James Bond from Pierce Brosnan, and has been hugely successful in this role to this day, starring in Spectre which came out in 2015. He also received an uncredited role as Stormtrooper JB-007 in the newest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens.

He was born Daniel Wroughton Craig on March 2, 1968, in Chester, Cheshire, England. His mother, Carol Olivia, was an art teacher and his father, Timothy John Wroughton Craig, was a landlord for a chain of pubs. Daniel’s parents divorced when he was four years old, in 1972, and he and his older sister, Lea, lived with their mother in Liverpool. It was there where Daniel would obtain the desire for performing, when his mother would regularly take him to the Liverpool Everyman Theatre. At the age of six, he began acting in school plays, and by the age of 16 he finished school and moved to London and enrolled into the National Youth Theatre, also working as a waiter part-time to help finance his education. Afterwards, he enrolled into the Guildhall School of Music and Drama; he graduated in 1991.

Daniel’s first motion picture movie in which he was featured in was The Power of One, a movie set in South Africa during the Second

The Best Movies

Famous Movie CarHow do you decide what is the best movie you’ve ever seen? It is probably impossible to really say which is the best movie. It really depends on what your mood is when you see it and afterwards. Sometimes you may be looking for an action movie, or you may be looking for something that is more soothing. No doubt if your significant other, wife, is with you that will definitely impact your choice of what movie you’re going to go see.

There are some highlights for sure over the last 50 or so years. When it comes to science fiction movies the king of the hill is definitely Star Wars for most people.  When it comes to thrillers the list is endless. No doubt many of seen the movie Alien which was one of the better science fiction movies little scare of the you know what out of you. When going back in time nobody can dispute the masterful works of Alfred Hitchcock.

The cars that have been used in the movies have really influenced people throughout time. Take the James Bond movies for instance and the incredible cars that were shown starting back in the 60s. Moving forward to modern day with the Asian imports for the United States people’s tastes in cars have definitely changed. And let’s not forget the incredible luxury cars manufactured in Bavaria and Europe.

But what about all the different war movies that have been made over time? The Eastern Bloc and the Soviet Union have produced a significant number of cars and trucks that have been shown in the movies. The following is a description of one of the manufacturing plants for those really big trucks which have been in many movies. Many of them came from this manufacturing facility.

Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ) Trucks

One of the largest automobile plants in Eastern Europe, the Minsk Automobile Plant, or MAZ, is based in Minsk, Belarus. Its services are not only limited in