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John Wayne

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison, in Winterset, Iowa, on May 26, 1907. Shortly after his birth, his parents changed his middle name to Robert, as they had decided to name their next child the same name. His father was Clyde Leonard Wayne, son of a Civil War veteran, whom John Wayne was named in honor of; John’s mother was Mary Alberta Brown, native to Nebraska. John’s father had developed a lung condition, and for his sake, moved south to California, to take up ranching. When that failed, the Morrison family moved over to Glendale, California. There, young John would deliver medicine to his sick father, and was a paperboy. Initially, John was interested in football, and did well in the field whilst in school. However, after attaining an injury, he was unable to gain a football scholarship. It was after this when he turned to acting, in which he would star in more than 140 motion pictures, and participate in a total of over 250.

One can get away with saying that, even from birth, John Wayne has made a dramatic appearance; the local newspaper in Winterset remarked that he weighed 13 pounds at birth. He appeared in his first motion picture in 1929 (still recognized with the Morrison surname), Words and Music. After appearing in his first starring role, The Big Trail, in 1930, it was suggested that he change his name to Anthony Wayne, after a general from the Revolutionary War, but Fox Studios chief Winfield Sheenan did not agree with the name, and John Wayne was chosen in the end. John Wayne played a total of 80 low-budget westerns in the 1930’s, but his claim to fame occurred in 1939 with the movie Stagecoach. After this, John Wayne’s name was no-doubt well known. In the 1940’s he appeared in a radio program, known as The Three Sheets to the Wind. In 1948, John appeared in another classic Western, Wake of the Red Witch. In 1950, however, he lost out to Gregory Peck in the movie The Gunfighter, due to complications with the studio. In 1960, he appeared in one of his most famous movies, The Alamo, in which he produced, directed and starred in. After making a name for himself, he met with President Nixon in 1972.

John Wayne was also well-known for his