Movies and Drug Use

Movie Star Drug UseSince the beginning of movies many actors and actresses have succumbed to drug use. It is not unusual on a yearly basis to hear of one of our favorite movie stars to either be arrested for drug possession or to even overdose and die from drugs.

There is a long list of actors and actresses in the recent past who have died from drugs. Some of the more prominent ones include Anna Nicole Smith, Philip Seymour Hoffman and many others.

Many others would include Nick Adams who was an actor and there is a long list of musicians who both played music and acted or were seen in movies.

The following is meant to help someone who may be having problems with drug addiction to fast forward in to see what may happen in their life if they don’t get a hold of the situation now and we really heard anybody whether famous or not to take action today to avoid the outcome that could happen.

It was Dimitri’s first day of high school. Little did he know that before the day was out, he would become another victim of heroin. Heroin, a drug synthesized from natural morphine, is one of the most common drugs in America. It is also a drug of variety, with many different ‘types’ of heroin, depending on the geographical region in which the heroin is ‘grown.’ To make matters worse, Heroin could be injected into the human body in a multitude of different ways. Dimitri has entered the dangerous realm of Heroin addiction.

Heroin is actually quite an old drug. In 1874, British chemist C.R. Alder Wright was the first man to synthesize the drug, being more than four times as powerful as typical morphine. Heroin, like morphine, is made from poppy seeds, and is synthesized as heroin. ‘The drug’, however, didn’t receive its name until some two decades later, when German chemist Felix Hoffman coined the term Heroin, derived from the German word meaning ‘Heroic,’ describing the effects on the human body. By 1900 Heroine was being sold as an over-the-counter remedy for coughs, and was used as a numbing device for surgery. Heroin can be injected, smoked or even snorted, like cocaine.

The addiction of opium had existed in the United States since the 1850’s. Dimitri was no exception, becoming one of the 4.2 million Americans addicted to heroin. As Dimitri injected his first needle of heroin, he felt an immediate ‘rush’ as the heroin rushed into his brain. When heroin enters the brain it is converted back to morphine. This, in turn, affects the body’s opioid receptors, which are connected to vital organs such as the brain, respiration and blood pressure. Heroin, when consumed, blocks oxygen to the brain, thus creating a ‘rush,’ when Dimitri’s on the twilight of consciousness. This, however, is known as hypoxia, and this can cause the victim, in this case, young Dimitri, to enter a coma, or perhaps receive permanent brain damage. One long-term effect of consuming heroine is the tolerance developed, meaning that the brain ‘needs’ more of the drug each time to avoid going through withdrawals.

There are plenty of other health effects associated with the consumption of heroin, besides those affecting the brain and nervous system. Some of which include the risk of receiving terminal diseases such as HIV or AIDS. Although the drug itself may not spawn the disease in Dimitri’s body, it is the sharing of contaminated needles that creates the risk of giving him said diseases. Dimitri, should he continue his unwise course, could also cause veins to collapse, liver and kidney disease, and many more complications. Female users, when taking the drug whilst pregnant, can experience at best an underweight baby and at worst a spontaneous abortion. Although Dimitri shouldn’t have to experience these symptoms, there are still consequences he’ll have to deal with. Even if Dimitri were to quit cold turkey, heroin would continue to create symptoms, even just hours since the last injection. This is known as ‘withdrawals’, and can include effects such as restlessness, muscle pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

Heroin is known under many different labels on the streets. Names given to heroin include terms such as ‘Big H,’ ‘Brown Sugar,’ ‘H,’ ‘Hell Dust,’ ‘Junk,’ ‘Nose Drops,’ ‘Smack,’ ‘Thunder,’ ‘Horse’ and ‘Skag.’ These are just generic nicknames for heroin in general. Although heroin is derived from poppy seeds grown in Asia, some types of heroin are generic to different locations, or have distinctive characteristics. Likewise, these receive special designations for their respective appearance or origin. ‘Brown Sugar’ or ‘Afghan Brown’ (as some of it is grown in Afghanistan) is the nickname for the heroin available as a brown powder. This is a form of heroin that is normally ingested via smoking, and is easier to make. This type of heroin, however, requires acid, usually citric or ascorbic, to make it soluble in water. The next common type of heroin is ‘White Heroin,’ bearing a similar appearance to cocaine. This heroin is one of the most dangerous to refine, since refinement includes flammable materials such as hydrochloric acid. This ‘flavor’ of heroin is consumed via needles rather than smoked due to its higher burning temperatures. It is primarily sold on the east coast of the United States. The final variant of heroin is ‘Black Tar,’ popular in the western United States, due to its origin in Mexico. As the name suggests, it is a black, sticky substance. This is due to the incomplete acetylation of morphine, and as a result, is easier to make and more readily available.

Heroin addiction, as noted, is increasingly high in the United States, with Dimitri as proof. Part of this is because of the relatively low price of street heroin that is easily available. For example, in the state of Ohio a single dose of heroin (which is typically around 0.1 grams) is sold for only $15-$20. Although the quality of heroin usually determines the price put on a dose of heroin, a hardcore heroin addict may only spend $150 a day for his addiction. It is no wonder why young Dimitri was able to grab some ‘Hard H!’ Even though the price in money is low, the cost you have to pay with your body is immensely more expensive than any sum of cash.

Young Dimitri is not unlike the millions of Americans who have to suffer with the consequences of heroin. The future may seem bleak for such individuals, but there is hope ahead. The United States has a multitude of drug rehab centers for addicts to redeem their mistakes, and potentially save their own lives and the relationships they may have crushed. If this is not viable, there is even medication that may help one remedy his or her addiction. Buprenorphine and methadone are good medications, which bind the same receptors as heroin but produce a weaker effect, thus lowering the carving of the addict, and naltrexone blocks the opium from reaching the brain altogether. If Dimitri should have an overdose, naloxone can help counteract the effects of the drug. Heroin is nonetheless a dangerous drug, and if one wants to be safe, he should be avoiding the drug in the first place.

So after reading this story we really hope that you don’t follow in the path of these famous actor’s actresses and movie stars who have succumbed to the easy entanglement of drug abuse. If you are struggling, there is much help out there and we encourage you to reach out for help.

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