Tow Truck Movie Characters

Tow Mater Tow TruckGoing to the movies in seeing things on the big screen is always a highlight for most people. But it always seems like when you’re trying to get to the theater there’s either a lot of red lights or some type of the way so that you’re racing the clock trying to get to the movies. There’s so many great movies out there to be seen with some spectacular characters whether it’s an action movie or the computer generated graphic movie which are so common today.


There’s been some very interesting characters in the movies related to different types of cars or trucks. One of the more recent ones is Tow Mater , a lovable character playing the part of a tow truck. He is a little bit rusty and broken down but this tow service vehicle is still capable. It’s kind of funny to bring up a tow truck with respect to a movie outing but here’s the story.


Just like usual we’re running late trying to make the theater in Chandler AZ before the movie starts. And just like usual there is some type of a delay on the road. And what was this delay, a big wreck that’s going to require a lot of time to clean it up and multiple different tow trucks doing their service in moving the damaged vehicles. Well there were no 1951 International Harvester tow trucks involved in this particular job and no Sir Tow Mater was not around doing this work. Now of course the tow trucks needed to backup to pick up the stranded vehicles and they would all like to claim to be the world’s best backwards driver but on this particular day it seemed like they were going to take forever to toe all the cars and let traffic move on.


So we kept waiting looking for that opportunity to move forward with everybody else stranded in traffic well these companies took care to clear all of the stranded cars. Talk about needing roadside assistance! This was one of the biggest congestion I had ever seen on any given day.


So all of these tow truck drivers needed to show how to drive backwards without crashing and that’s something that was seen often in the movie Cars. We really wished on that day that there would have been a whole lot of tow trucks available to tow¬†stranded vehicles so that we could make the movie. But no there wasn’t enough to do it quickly and we ended up being late. And of course when we got to the theater the Lions were popcorn and coke or five times longer than usual and we know how long those lines usually take, we are some of the slowest moving lines in the history of mankind except for maybe going to the motor vehicle department and waiting to get your driver’s license.


But we did finally make it to the movie and it was a really good movie but all we could think of on the way there was how many times the tow trucks would have been better off if they would have had access to all of the damaged vehicles quickly.

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